Ordinary | 27.10 : An Ordinary Evening

27.10 : An Ordinary Evening

An Ordinary Evening
Series: What’s Next
Date: 27/10/2014
Time: 18:00:00
Venue: Architectural Association Lecture Hall
Running time: 30 mins

For an evening with unorthodox architecture and design studio Ordinary, AA alumni Alex Kaiser and Magnus Larsson – who currently work out of the AA Gallery as part of their month-long show, Ordinary Takeover – take you through their conceptual-practical world of wondrous materiality. Positioned at the intersection of material science and architecture, the studio’s founders present their radical vision of how existing and not-yet-existing building materials might change the future of our built environment, using some of the architecture projects currently on display in their show, such as magnetic skins, bacterial sandstone cities and spaces made from milk.

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