Ordinary | 25 Square Meter House

25 Square Meter House

In the run up to the general election of 2014, the then-Swedish minister of housing, Stefan Attefall, announced his plans for a new law.
The Attefallshus clause means planning permission is no longer required for structures with an area below 25 square metres and a height of less than four metres. Despite a polite outcry and virtually-vocal objections from the architecture and planning communities, the new law was duly executed on 2 July, 2014.

The 25m2 project is an exercise in modular prefab technology: a fully parametric model that allows the floor layout to change from narrow and long to thick and short while remaining within the stipulated area.
On display is not only our original 25m2 house (imagined as a »second countryhouse«), but also scaled-up versions and a series of experimental laser cut façade treatments. Larger 1:1 prototype surfaces point toward how such ideas might translate into cnc-routered mass-customised interior/exterior panels.