Ordinary | Woodchip



While still in its infancy, the Woodshave project is about giving wood shavings – a byproduct of the timber industry – a new lease of life. Wood chips can be turned into an extremely effective playground surfacing material (or, using a more technical term, an impact-attenuation surface) and an environmentally friendly alternative to rubber type playground surfaces. The thin, curly wood shavings, however, have historically mainly been used for packing or stuffing parcels.

Adhered to a latex backing, this initial outcome of our material experimentation with shavings becomes an interior surface that could have been a feature in the bedroom log cabins of Mark Frost’s and David Lynch’s famous 1990-1991 surreal television serial drama, Twin Peaks. Indeed, our Woodshave wallpaper might have been the actual veneer between small-town respectability and the darker forces beneath it that is the central theme of the famous series. As we learn that a new Lynch-directed nine-episode limited series is to air in early 2016, the organic tapestry that is Woodshave just might become a favourite wall covering in more homes than that of Margaret Lanterman (the Log Lady).